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djksjk76 Posted: 6/6/2018 1:49:42 AM
Subject:Plasma Cutter factory

Product description:
MOSFET inverter cutting machine
1, High frequency arc striking
2,Cutting speed is 1.8 times higher than flame cutting
3,Recommended cutting thickness is 7mm, maximum cutting thickness is15mm
4,Compressed air is required
5,Over /under voltage protection, thermal protection, over
Technical Parameters
Rated input voltage /frequencySingle Phase 220V土 15%Three Phases 380V±15% 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA)
Rated input current (A)9.113.723.139
Rated output voltage (V)96104120128
Output current range (A)20-4020-6020-10020-120
Output no load voltage (V)230260298345
Rated duty cycle (%)60
Air pressure (M p a)0.45-0.55
Max cutting thickness(mm)8153035
Best cutting thickness(mm)1〜51-81-121-18
Gas flow(L/min)250
Arc methodHigh frequency
Enclosure protection class1P21S
Insulation gradeF
Exterior size L x W x H (mm)450x270x335675x615x452690x370x580705x385x595
Weight(kg)92536.543.5Plasma Cutter factory