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Resources for Lake Murray Residents

The following SCE&G publications contain a wealth of information of interest to those who live or own property on Lake Murray. Click on a title to download the document or view it online.

Conservation and shoreline management

Protect your lake property the natural way... With conservation  Flyer describing the SCE&G demonstration project at Lake Murray to illustrate conservation alternatives for shoreline stabilization.

Shoreline Management Program  This is a document containing SCE&G Policies and Procedures relating to shoreline management of Lake Murray. Contains information related to environmental policies, policies related to public hunting, boating and fishing, public landings and docks, boat ramps, erosion control and more

75-Foot setback notice  Document containing information on the 75-foot Setback Area/Vegetative Buffer Zone applicable to certain Lake Murray properties.

Vegetation Agreement Notice of the necessity to contact SCE&G prior to removal of any vegetation growing below the 360' coutour.


Lake Murray 2005 Primrose Report  Water primrose, an emergent plant, has become prevalent along the shoreline throughout much of Lake Murray. It became established at the water's edge during the extended drawdown of 2003-2004. This report contains facts and photos concerning the water primrose infestation, and discusses treatment alternatives.

Lake Murray 2005 Hydrilla Report  In 2003, 64,500 grass carp were stocked in Lake Murray to control hydrilla. This report discusses the results.


Permit fee schedule  This document details the application process and fees associated with permits to build docks, boat ramps and lifts, as well as permits for rip-rapping and construction of retaining walls.

Dock permit application  This is a printable dock permit application form.

Dock Design Sheet  Printable copy of dock design sheet for use in connection with application for dock permits.

Permit Conditions  Copy of permit applicable to any construction below 360' contour when permitted by SCE&G.


Lake Murray Evacuation Map  This document shows the limits of flooding that would be anticipated to occur with a failure of the Saluda Dam, and contains information on evacuation routes and locations of shelters.