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Lake Murray Service Organizations

Lake Murray's residents are generous people dedicated to ensuring that this area remains a safe and healthy home for us all. Here is a listing of some of the many organizations who work in the Lake Murray region. Please contact us to let us know of other non profit organizations working to make our area a better place to live.

Lake Murray Association
PO Box 495
Ballentine, SC

The Lake Murray Association (LMA) is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed association formed in 1994. The association charter states it was formed to provide a means of communication and enlighten its membership in matters that pertain to the protection, restoration and utilization of the waters of Lake Murray and its shoreline community. It provides information and education on issues related to the development, management, and use of Lake Murray. LMA conducts surveys and environmental studies directed at enhancing the health, safety and welfare of Lake Murray for all users.

   (803) 359-2880    http://www.lakemurrayassociation.com/