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Lake Murray Fishing Forecast for February & March


Striped Bass - In February and March Lake Murray fishing for striper will be good from the Crystal Lake area to the upper rivers region. Blueback herring pulled behind planner boards and freelines around points and banks near deep water should produce some large fish this time of year. Also try fishing downrods down to 30 feet and freelines in the major creek channels. Always keep a rod ready to throw at schooling fish feeding on bait under birds this time of year. Be sure to scale down and use a bucktail with an Icefly trailer for these schooling fish.

Black Bass - Lake Murray fishing  for  Bass will remain slow until the last week of February. The big sow bass move up on primary and secondary points when the air temps at night get no lower than 50 degrees. Try fishing crankbaits off points and the deep sides of creeks channels. Also try fishing finesse worms and Jig n Pigs around structure in 5 to 15 feet of water. Slow rolling spinnerbaits is always a good bet for catching the larger bigmouths this time of year.

Bream - In Lake Murray, fishing for bream  will pickup as March approaches. Fishing redworms and nightcrawlers in 5 to 15 feet of water should put some fish in your boat.

Crappie - Crappie fishing will continue to be good using jigs and small tuffies trolled in creek runs and brush piles in 10 to 20 foot of water near the upper part of the lake. Begin moving down the lake as March gets closer and the water warms. Drifting jigs in creek channels and deep brush should be productive at this time.

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